Frequently Asked Questions

How much does PageExplorer cost?

PageExplorer is a personal project by Peter Thaleikis. It is free and will remain free as long as viable. Donations on GitHub or here are welcomed and help keep the project alive (and free)!

What are keyword opportunities?

Keyword or ranking opportunities are keywords for which a page already ranks, but could do better. These are especially keywords/-phrases, which you should make more prominent in your headings, text and image alt-texts. If a topic is larger, it might also benefit your site to dedicate an article or page to it. This way you are increasing the relevancy further.

Can PageExplorer see my Google searches?

No, your searches aren't visible to PageExplorer. This data isn't required to use PageExplorer.

How do I get started?

Getting started using PageExplorer doesn't take more than ten minutes. If you still need to configure Google Search Console you have to wait 2-3 days for Google to supply your data.

What does the "Questions"-tab in the extension tell me?

Questions help you identify potential new content or gaps in your content. By answering these, you can match the searches more closely and rank your page higher.

How long does it take until my page ranks higher?

This depends on several factors — by far not all under your or PageExplorer' control. Generally, Google rewards persistence and maintaining content over dumping new low-quality articles daily. Working on it regularly, without any deadline in mind, brings home the best results.

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